Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Days 'til Home

Is it really THREE days until I go home? I'm so sad about this :( I've had such a great summer in London. I feel like I've gotten the hang of London life and I could stay here for a lot longer. Unfortunately, duty calls, and I must go back to school on Monday. One more year and then I'm free to move wherever I want. (Assuming I can get a job there!) Maybe it'll be London, maybe Atlanta, maybe somewhere completely different. I've got about 8 months to make up my mind.

Right, let's get on with it then:

What I'll miss about London: When walking/busing down the street to meet my friends for lunch I realized how much I'm going to miss Old Street! Before we moved office we were located at 20 Old Street and the new office is just down the road, not far at all. So I've been on Old Street almost everyday for the past three months and I've come to know it very well. One thing I'll especially miss is the "food alley" as my girlfriends and I call it. Vendors from all over the world set up vans, tents and tables on one side street off of Old Street. I was partial to the Italian place; they had the best tortellini! I'll miss the daily grind of having a real job, as crazy as that sounds. It won't be near as exciting having a job in America. To me, going to work everyday was an adventure right up to the very end.

What I'm looking forward to in America: It's getting harder and harder to come up with these :( Not that I don't love home, I do. I've just been living in my favorite city for the past three months; I've been spoiled! But one thing I've been looking forward to since I GOT here was and is seeing the kids I babysit. And there's a new little one! The Lochhead family welcomed a baby boy, Gus, last month and I can't wait to meet him. Most of all I can't wait to see my buddy, Georgia! No favoritism here, we just spend the most time together out of all the 9 children I babysit.

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  1. There's something odd about your relationship with GA... I'm going to have to report you.