Monday, August 16, 2010

5 Days 'til Home

Well, I missed yesterday because I was/am in Berlin! I'm visiting my Uncle Topper, Aunt Katja, and cousins, Max (14) & Tillman (10). It's been a few years since I've seen them, so it's so great to catch up - and in Berlin! What a cool city. Yesterday we walked all around and Topper kept pointing out when we were in old East vs. old West Berlin. We saw where the wall once was and all of the new buildings that have recently gone up. There is some great architecture here. While Berlin is a big city, there are certain parts that give it a small-town feel, such as the awesome wooden playground we went on yesterday and the garden my aunt and uncle rent and care for; it's only a bus ride away from their apartment. See? Big city, small-town feel. Today I'm off to explore with Max and Tillman. Here we go!

What I'm going to miss about London: Double-decker buses. I absolutely LOVE taking the bus at any time of day. My favorite seat is at the top in the very front. It often seems as though you are about to or have already run over the car or cyclist in front, but rarely does that actually happen. In my eyes, it's a free tour of the fabulous city that is London.

What I'm looking forward to in the USA: Hmm.. it's hard to top double-decker buses, so let me give this a good think ... Mmm, yes. I've got it. Whole wheat options and light options of everything. It seems like we have hundreds of choices when it comes to bread alone. I love the really thin wheat bread. It lets me feel like I'm being health-conscious while eating my turkey sandwich and feel less guilty on that trip to St. Louis Frozen Custard Factory.

*Another thing I'll miss about London: Everyone is not so damn concerned with weight! This is a good and a bad thing. You can understand both sides, I trust.

Until next time! x

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  1. Once in London, Jacqueline and I were in a cab going to the train station to go to Paris and it was like 6am and we saw a bus hit a biker. We were in a huge hurry but said we weren't in as much hurry as that bus so the cab driver didn't need to hit any bikers. The bus wasn't a double decker, but your blog reminded me of that.