Friday, August 13, 2010

9 Days 'til Home

What I'll miss about London: Being able to "pop down to the shop." Gotta love the corner news agents and local shops where you can get just what you need pretty much whenever you need it. Chocolate fix? Absolutely; grab a Dairy Milk or a Flake. Alcohol? Check! Will that be a £5 bottle of Cab Sauv or a few cans of Carlsberg? And of course you can get your Heinz baked beans for that English fry-up you're so desperately craving after a big night out. It's true that as far as convenience, America is the King. But the little convenience shops that seem to be on every corner of every street are wonderfully helpful for this American in England.

What I'm looking forward to in the USA:
Walgreens, of course! And having the choice of two Walgreens that are equidistant from my house. Without shame, I'll add that I get to DRIVE there and I don't have to walk. Granted, Walgreens is further from my house than the nearest news agent is here, but even if it was just as close I might still drive. Although that isn't very green of me... I'll cycle - I mean bike - instead.

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