Monday, September 26, 2011

One of Those Things That Happened When I Was 8

Let's hear it: What is the best thing you've ever gotten grounded for?

This is the "Question of the Day" I've come up with for my internship.  I'm going to ask everyone at work about the "best" reason they've ever been grounded.  Want to hear mine?  I thought you might.

Let's back up, ohh, 15 years to when I was 8.  (I'm not really sure when this took place, but 8 is the age I always say I was when something happened before I could really pinpoint a date.  Suffice it to say, I did a lot when I was 8.)  My friend Hillary came over and we were playing upstairs in my room.  I'm not sure whose idea it was; she was a couple years older than I, but I've been known to be an instigator if you can believe it.  All I can say is which ever one of us came up with it was clearly in a stupid phase of her life.

The idea was simple: Tie everything we could find -- socks, bandanas, a Foxtail (remember those?) and more socks -- together; tie that "rope" to something in my room; climb down.  Climb down from my bedroom window.  On the second story.  Like I said, clearly stupid.  It was probably Hillary's idea.

Well, we got as far as about 4 feet of completed rope before my mom walked in and shut down the entire operation.  I was grounded, I'm sure Hillary's mom was notified, and I can't remember hanging out with her again.  (The only other time I remember being alone with Hillary, she put Gak [remember Gak?] down my favorite dress and ruined it.  Looks like my mom was right in cutting those ties.)

So, please, let's hear your story!

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  1. Every time I've been grounded it has involved me lying to my parents which is always a terrible feeling when you get caught. "How can we trust you?", "We're very disappointed in you", etc, etc. No fun!!