Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top Ten Perks of Being an Unpaid Intern

Ladies and gents, I'm back!  That's right, Frankly Paige is up and running again.

To kick off my return to the world of web logging, I'm going to present to you my top 10 perks of being an unpaid intern.  As my faithful followers know, I had a three-month-long internship with an advertising agency called King & Tuke in London last summer.  Now I have another internship on The Hill in none other than my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.  This internship is at another ad agency called McGowan Crain.  As it's only day three, my duties expand no further than writing the odd headline and observing the way things work around here.  But I have no complaints.  So, here it is, folks:

The Top 10 Perks of Being an Unpaid Intern
10. Learning to make the perfect cup of coffee
9. Feeling insanely excited when your work is selected to be shown to a client
8. Being able to tell people, "I work at ______" just like someone with a real job
7. Discovering YouTube videos before anyone else
6. Figuring out what makes a company work
5. Not being as stressed as everyone around you
4. Learning the ropes of the job you want "when you grow up"
3. Pretending you're still in college because you don't have a salary
2. Getting the motivation to actually find a paying job
1. Not paying income tax

Stay tuned!


  1. you're a regular david letterman

  2. 1st thought: I think interns making coffee is a cliche. I've had a few internships in my lifetime and have never made someone a cup of coffee.

    2nd thought: Numba 5... yesss. Miss that!

    3rd thought: My addition... um lake trips?! and getting paid in free, nice lunches and happy hours (it's understood you can't pay yourself, you're an UNPAID intern).